The BCIR Catheter website was created by Jay from the BCIR Advocate to make it a little easier to track down the standard BCIR catheters. As a BCIR patient myself, I found that it was sometimes tricky to track down the BCIR catheter, or sometimes I was paying as much in shipping as the cost of the catheter itself.

Rogue River, Oregon

I also run the BCIR Advocate (Go to the BCIR Advocate Website) blog where I’ve been asked many time about where to get the catheter. Proceeds from your purchase help to support the BCIR Advocate Resource and Blog website.

With all of the above, and a background in web design, I decided to put together a simple web store where we just list the BCIR Catheter, and offer easy payment transactions, tracking, and fast shipping!

We finally got more BCIR catheters listed on our site, however if you don’t see the one you use, let us know!

We also have a Facebook page where you can catch up the BCIR chat:

Thank you for supporting the BCIR Advocate!